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Please remember that dogs....yes, even yours, MUST be on a leash at all times when on Motel Property. For information on the TOWNS leash can go to:

(The Town "Leash Free" dates do not apply to our leash requirements since we are private property...we require a leash at all times (on the dog)

We are not being difficult or trying to be funny about it when we ask you to leash your little Brownie always is on her leash....please remember it is for everyone's safety...most importantly, your fur babies. So please...leash your hound!

We provide Poop Bags

Please help keep Sea Vista a Dog Friendly Destination by picking up after your pet. If you see someone's dog squat and run....please let the office team know discreetly and we shall accidently tie a supply of dog poop bags to the offending puppy's room door handle.

Thank you for for picking up your dog's poo! :-)

Little Yappers!

If your fur baby is a yapper or suffers from separation anxiety...please do not leave your dog alone in the room. Excessive barking disturbs other guests and we will have to ask you to take care of it, and that's never it stresses out your fur baby as well...So, if your dog barks when you are not around....DO NOT leave your dog alone in your room. Thanks.


He/She is your best friend. The sand on the beach can be blistering hot in the summer. If it is too warm for your feet, it IS definitely TO HOT for your hound. Please think twice about pegging your dog out without at least as much cover if not more than you have. 

Bring plenty of water on the beach for your dog. If you do not have a water bowl, come to the office. We will make something work for you

Remember, your dog panting is it's way of sweating. Darker furred dogs can suffer tremendously from heat exhaustion if exposed even for short amounts of time. 

In July and August it can easily be over 120 degrees sand temperature. Easily!!!

That is hot enough to burn your puppy's pads. Please...blanket and shade goes for the puppy as well especially after May and before October.

If it is too hot for is already way to hot for them to be exposed to the sun.

Thank you!