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For any concerns regarding our exceptional oceanfront motel, please read our FAQs on this page.

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Frequently Asked Questions and new updated Weather Cancellation Policy

Sea Vista Motel in Topsail Beach, North Carolina will give you the best beach experience. For more helpful information about our motel services, please read FAQs here.

When I check in, what do I do if there is damage or something wrong in my room?

These things rarely but do happen. When you check in, please report any issue with your room immediately to the office. When you check out if there is damage to your room, there is $250 fee that is charged immediately. We do not call before we charge it (since in the past when we have, people have trashed a room and cancelled their card when we have called). This VERY RARELY happens, but it does. Please use common sense when you check in and just let us know if something is amiss. It is usually an easy fix.

Will you carry my bags up the stairs?

If you are coming to stay with us or planning to again.... please remember that unfortunately, we don't have a luggage service to carry your bags for you. You do have resources that are well known and reliable to help you with your bags up the stairs...many of our guests use the Bell Hop Service on the island. They are reliable and affordable. Just google or search on Facebook for "Topsail Island Bell Hop Service" and they will meet you at check in and check out to carry your bags for you. Please remember to think ahead for any luggage carrying needs when you book.

Are your rooms oceanfront? 

All rooms are oceanfront (except the two apartments) as in, if you jump off your balcony (not allowed), you will basically land on sand and roll into the ocean. Call for specific details.

What is your cancellation policy?

When your reservation is for a holiday week or weekend you will be responsible for ALL room charges unless you cancel 2 weeks prior (before midnight) to your arrival. There is a 7-day cancellation period (before midnight) for all other dates. Cancellations can be made via PHONE ONLY. Email cancellations will not be responded to.

What are your check in/out times?

Check in is after 3.30 PM and check out is 10:00 AM. Call 910.328.2171 to make arrangements for a late arrival (after 7pm)

Is there a minimum night stay?

Yes, except for March & November, reservations require a 2-night minimum stay. Designated holidays require a minimum 3-night stay. Call before booking if you have additional questions

Are you staffed 24/7? 

Our office is staffed 830am-730pm. We have no overnight staffing for any need. Lost keys, TV remote concerns ALL have to wait until the following morning at 830am. We have an emergency number available after hours for emergencies ONLY however it is not a 24-hour number (as we sleep too). Otherwise, 911 should be called for personal emergencies.

Do you have ice available for rooms?

We have ice available for purchase at $3.00 for a 7# bag. The ice can also be charged to your room.

Do you allow pets?

DOGS ONLY. 32 of our 34 units are DOG FRIENDLY. Dogs must be over a year old and under 100 pounds. Up to two (2) dogs are allowed per room and there is a $50 fee per dog for the stay. Dogs must be leashed. Aggressive dogs will be asked to leave immediately (not the dog, but the owners :). Liability for Dog behavior falls on dog owners. Damage to rooms from pets will be a nonnegotiable $250.00 flat charge. We require all pet owners to pick up after their pets. Dog owners that do not pick up after their pet will be asked to leave immediately.

Do you offer any discounts? 

We offer discounts for seniors over age 65 and active military members. We also offer an extended stay discount for seven (7) days or longer. Only ONE discount per room is applied to the ROOM Registrant only. No multi discounts.

Do you have any adjoining rooms? 

Adjoining rooms on the 2nd floor:

  • 201/202
  • 203/204
  • 205/206
  • 207/208
  • 301/302
  • 303/304
  • 305/306
  • 307/308

What if I smoke in a non-smoking room or damage a room? 

These are privately owned rooms. Smoking ANYTHING, Cigars, Ecigs, "Anything else" in NON smoking rooms (including opening windows and smoking out through them) and damage to rooms results in $250.00 flat fee which is automatic and non-negotiable. Guests who cause intentional damage will not be allowed back on property and when needed, will be escorted off the property.

What if I lose my key? 

Please look after your key! There is NO-ONE available after 8pm to let you back into your room until the am. DO NOT lose your key. Lost keys are charged $30 per (we are on an island a way away from the nearest hardware store)

Do you have plastic cups available in the rooms?

No we do not. A staple of four coffee mugs and four glasses is standard in the rooms, however additional items you may prefer at home, you should bring with you. Save a Turtle....use a mug! Save a Turtle and use a glass!

Lost and Found

Up until this year we have always just placed items in the mail and returned them at no charge. Unfortunately, in our changing temperament of a world, we now use the following procedure for Lost and Found and do not make exceptions.

We will gladly mail your "Lost and Found" items that you have left behind, however postage, tracking, signature required, and insurance are required at your expense before we mail any items. Unfortunately, all of this is not an option. Otherwise, items can be picked up in person for 30 days. After that time, all Lost and Found Items will be disposed of.

We are not liable for items that you have left behind in any way. Please use common sense when bringing valuables. 


We are located on a three-hundred-yard-wide barrier island on the Carolina Coast. We are 72 feet from the Atlantic Ocean and from there, nothing between us and Europe. Sometimes it is sunny here, beautiful, exotic, tropical almost, or it rains, floods, dogs and cats sometimes live together, it might snow, hail, hurricane, mild breeze, drought, dust storm, locusts, meteors, forest fires, pirates, rains of Biblical proportions, mass hysteria, alien invasions, red tides, mutant fish…etc etc…

We do NOT close. Ever. UNLESS…. we are under an EVACUATION ORDER issued by the TOWN OF TOPSAIL BEACH ONLY. This order will be given only if the local area of the Town is directly threatened by an extreme event. However, if there is NO such order in effect and it is  just a rainy day and you CHOOSE not to come, then the 7- or 14-day cancellation policy still applies.

If you must cancel (and stuff just happens we know that), please do so at least 7 days prior to the date of your arrive, or 14 days if your stay is on one of the following major holidays….Memorial, July 4th, Labor Day or Thanksgiving. If you do not cancel in time, you will still be charged for your stay regardless of whether or not you come. Please use the 10 day weather forecast to make your final decision at: . Thank you for your understanding.